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Cafe SIN fronteras

Single Source Coffee

Direct From Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico.

From Seed to Cup, we strive to bring you the best single source coffee beans with care for the environment and coffee farmers.

We partner with the Zapatista coffee cooperative, Yachil Xojobal, in the Aldama region of Chiapas, Mexico.

Yachil’s operations support nearly 450 small coffee growers with each family participating directly in the cooperatives governance via assemblies.

Our partners receive a fair price for their coffee and engage in a straight forward “tip-the-coffee-farmer” program.

Coming soon, Organic and direct trade Oaxaca coffee from the family farm of Don Café in Yucuiti, Buena Vista.


Our Story


We started back in 2012 in Oakland, California…With our feelings and intentions, with our movement from South to North, with our very other way of being together as a family and resisting the constant capitalist siege that is not very “kind” to the family unit… We decided to create an autonomous space of art and resistance, of unity and solidarity, a space where our values can grow and at the same time create an alternative economy. This is how Akat Café Kalli and CSF Coffee were born, back in Oakland, California, on the first of November 2012.

Fresh Beans

Our coffee is roasted fresh and always with care.

Support Our Coffee Farmers

All tips are sent directly to the Coffee Farmer via Kartera (digital wallet). Funds have been used to support education, land conservation projects, purchase coffee processing equipment to make work more efficient, or as direct payments to farmers. Through Kartera, your payment information is secure, and all tips are fast, easy, and direct to the farmer.

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Seed to Cup
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